PCE.NET Dial-Up Service

PCE.NET offers unlimited dial-up Internet access with local phone numbers covering virtually all of Niagara and Erie Counties in Western New York. The fastest dial-up connection speeds possible, high quality equipment, fiber optic phone lines and professional, courteous technical support, all with an unbeatable low price make PCE.NET the highest value Internet access provider meeting the needs of thousands of customers. With prices starting below $9/month, why pay more?


Every dial-up account comes with up to 5 email accounts each with 500 megabytes of storage. Everyone in the family can have their own email account.

Plus, PCE.NET dial-up customer's email accounts are protected with the same professional, best in class protection that our business accounts receive. Before any email is delivered to your Inbox, our systems verify that no malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses, spyware or worms are present. Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Spam, is also attenuated by our customized suite of anti-spam measures. We constantly monitor and modify these solutions to maintain a high level of protection while insuring that the email you want gets through. PCE.NET email services consistantly block greater than 99.4% of Spam emails from reaching our customers, while maintaining less than 0.02% false positives.

New great features coming in Spring 2009

Coming soon, PCE.NET will be providing Propel™ Accelerator to all of our dial-up customers. Propel™ will allow you to surf the web at up to 5x regular dial-up speeds

At the same time, PCE.NET will be expanding its coverage area with local access numbers covering a greater area. Not only Niagara and Erie Counties, but most of New York, and parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio as well. More information available soon!