Co-Location Services

Maintaining your own in house servers can seem like a value at first glance, but over time the true costs become apparent. Office space, bandwidth, power and maintenence costs are often higher than first anticipated. Most SMEs don't have employees with the experience and training necessary to properly implement and maintain the equipment and software. Out sourcing can be incredibly expensive. Then there are the security risks. Are you sure you aren't exposing your workstations to malacious attacks when you install a server in your LAN? Is the server physically secure located in your back room?

By co-locating your servers with PCE.NET, you can remove those security risks to your office and your data and reduce costs. Our modern data center is designed with security and reliability in mind. Multiple physical security levels insure that your equipment is only accessible to authorized personnel. Uninterruptible Power Supplies, diesel generators and redundant fiber optic connections guarantee high availability. Fire suppression equipment means peace of mind.

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